Who we are

We are Colombo’s most reputed establishment in retail and wholesale Jewellery. Our years of experience and services have built a heritage of sincerity and trust with our customers.



It starts with a birth of child, and culminates when that child grows into adulthood and is on the cusp of marriage. When we buy gold, we do so to symbolize a landmark in our lives. This is a custom that transcends cultures and is a practice as old as time itself. Nowhere in Sri Lanka is this practice seen everyday quite like at Colombo’s Sea Street.

For close to a century, Sri Lankans from all walks of life have gone to Sea Street looking for gold to mark their life at that time and place. It is to Sarrita that they flock to over and over again over generations. It is at Sarrita, they brought jewellery to mark the birth of a child. It is at Sarrita, they came back to buy jewellery when that child is on the cusp of marriage. Even though all that glitters is gold in that narrow lane by the port, when our customers think Sea Street they think Sarrita.