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Our Brand

Have you ever thought of building your own brand? But the real question is, Did you truly put up?

Back in 1984, a man in his mid-30’s, with his basic education and unpretentious background, dropped off his opportunity of earning Rs. 10000 as monthly wages(Price of one sovereign Gold was Rs. 2000),in order to explore his own venture. Do you sense the risk involved in this situation? Risk isn’t just a word. It’s a mixture of emotions and commitments. Thus, that’s Mr. Balasubramaniam!

From the supportive direction of Mr. Murugesu, their partnership started to take off in the gold jewellery industry. Step by step and day by day, Sea Street of Colombo-11 started to mumble about their progress. A decade with glorious milestones, they performed together with combined interests and service at the mother company to get stronger and stronger; greater and greater.

Cut forward 20 years, in 2004 the seed of Sarrita Jewellery was originated. It’s been 18 years today and the roots have embedded sincerely in the gold industry.

The long lasting legacy of the world of Sarrita Jewellery will remind you of quality, novelty and gentility from the moment you step in. The backstage constantly makes certain that the waves of creativity are rising with the augmented perception of the team on time.

The prospective past knowledge and experience are being filtered through years to keep the mission alive and adored. For the reason that, the way the founder foresees a customer purchase will blow anyone’s mind.

“You bring your hard earned money and dedicated savings for your gold investment. Shouldn’t we be crucially responsible in providing you an utmost guaranteed service?”

“Allowing reasonable profit and serving you with honourably qualitative piece of jewellery of your choice is our happiness.”

These opinions are effortlessly responding to the implausible brand loyalty behind Sarrita. Every aspect of this business is connected with individual emotions and purposes at every stage of their life. You’ll feel the vibe of “It’s the first time here but it feels like years”, from the wholehearted service and conversation of the employees. People enter as a customer and leave as a pal.

Key Figures

50+ Employees

200+ Craftsmen

19 Years

Awards won





But what makes Sarrita to be outgoing and youthful?

Well, let us introduce you to the immediate future director of Sarrita, Mr. Krishanth. Despite his father’s hard work, Krishanth’s creativity and passion are driving the entire team to level up soon. His endeavours are massive and his concerns in the gold market keeps him updated with the intention to serve for the best.

Sarrita is undoubtedly standing out in the industry today. The drive was not laid-back but the brand was followed by faith and authenticity, and even today, it is the alarm for the family.

Once Sarrita, it’s always Sarrita!


Being a family isn’t easy. You require the optimum level of patience and understanding. Yet there’s nothing else beautiful more than building a family. Hence this is where we find ourselves. Undeniably, Sarrita is more like a family. We’ve brought our legacy with striking colours of loyal customer stories that resonate with our quality and service.

The moment you step into the ocean of gold jewellery at Sea Street, the very first door you bump into is Sarrita. It’s our way of keeping you closer with best deals and irrevocable price range.

Trust isn’t built overnight. The value that’s bonded with the reality of gold jewellery along with a deeply enrooted collection of designs, have got its basement. Thus! We’re a proud brand name for Sri Lanka’s reputed establishment for high quality gold jewellery.

“People buy from people, more than from a brand.” The brand is nothing else but the people behind it. Our bridge is smooth and opulent with the pillars of high quality materials to make your heart skip a beat.

Vibes create magic. Knowingly or unknowingly the ambience at Sarrita
exchanges the respectful and friendly warmth which exists as our intangible asset since the pieces of the history.

“They’re very welcoming”, is a repeated phrase that sounds within our clients. Every individual of our work tree gives and treats with equal priority and pleasantness.

Today Sarrita has a beautiful story to share with the crowd. Hence, it’s still continued with every one of you and every step of us.

Our Directors

Mr. R. Balasupramaniyam

Mr. P. Murugesu

Mr. B. Krishanth

Mr. M. Anujan

Directors Message

We can say that the years we experienced in the past are significant years and it is clearly seen that we have intensively delivered our best performance to focus on customer satisfaction. Our hardwork is the foundation for the everlasting promise we make to our customers

We would like to thank our valuable customers, reliable dealers and world-class suppliers. Besides, I would like to make a special mention of our staffs’ enthusiastic contribution in establishing our organization. The one thing we would like to present is that our leadership is a result of our employees. They have clearly made Sarrita one of the outstanding organizations.

We know our highly trained artisans apply their specialized knowledge to reliably and efficiently produce high quality jewellery.